Video Marketing Breakdown: How to Include Video Throughout Your Entire Online Marketing Strategy

Posted by Michael Bainbridge on 01. February 2017

I am a HUGE fan of explainer videos!

An explainer video is great for attracting prospects into the top of the “buyer’s journey funnel”, the journey that guides your prospects from simply being “aware” of you into “customers”. However, really great and effective video marketing will lead potential customers through their ENTIRE journey.

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Millennial Video Habits and the Future of Buying (actionable tips)

Posted by Austin Cobb on 25. January 2017

Social Media, Smartphones, Selfies, Entitlement and... Spending power? Yes, Millennials (generally accepted as being born between 1980 and 1995) have overtaken Boomers as the most influential generation in terms of employment AND purchasing. According to Adweek, Millennials represent an estimated $2.45 TRILLION in spending power.

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Keep It Rolling: 5 Steps to Integrate More Video into Your Content Strategy

Posted by Austin Cobb on 20. January 2017

The rise of video creation and consumption across the internet should not be surprising news to any marketer. Most of us have seen the statistics stating that - 55% of people surveyed consume video completely - as opposed to skimming a blog article... go ahead, it's ok if you skim this one too.

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Digital Marketing Trends that will help us make our clients more successful in 2017

Posted by Armin Ruser on 16. January 2017

2016 brought about many fundamental changes in the way we work. These changes made our team more effective and our customers more successful. Because we use the available digital marketing tools ourselves, we needed less time and energy for acquisition – time that we were able to use for our customers and the strategic advancement of our services.

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